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Cherise Mattheson is an accomplished media personality, author, speaker, founder of CEO Chic Life, and visionary who inspires others to dream big, visualize those dreams and manifest big vision realities. Through a process of visualization, she’s been able to manifest her life’s greatest dreams, and now she’s helping others do the same.

Her inspirational books 50 Sips of T.E.A. and The Dream Vision Reality Guide, signature events, and motivational talks have inspired youth and adults to define their dreams and illuminate the vision for their lives. Cherise shares her voice of inspiration with the world through radio, pod-casting, blogging, and live events. Define your Dream. Create your Vision. Live your Reality with Cherise Mattheson author of The D.V.R. Guide.

DREAMS.Vision.Reality events
Vision Parties

Cherise created her first vision board in 2009, and once her visions began to manifest, she realized that there was something powerful about the process of visualization. Cherise has taken the popular Vision Party concept much further than clipping photos from magazines. Her signature process creates a level of accountability, action and enthusiasm.

Year after year, through client testimonials and her own visions turned realities, Cherise has mastered the art of visualization and her events create this same spark in attendees. 

D.V.R. Youth Training

Cherise was inquisitive and questioned everything as a young girl—instead of being affirmed that she could be a talkshow host or journalist, Cherise was told that she talked too much. Dream. Visions. Reality. Youth Training exposes young people to a world beyond the societal walls of their neighborhoods, cities and schools, and enables them to break free from boundaries and boxes that others have created for them. 

Public Speaking

You have an audience? Cherise has a message. Through a background in social work, combined with media and missions, Cherise understands the mindsets of various communities, but most importantly, as a successful dreamer from Washington, D.C.—who beat the odds and shattered statistics—Cherise understands exactly what to say and do to help others manifest big vision realities.

DREAM.Vision.Reality events
DREAM.Vision.Reality Perspective

Get Cherise’s perspective on everything from politics to celebrity parties, and enter her world as a high-profile media personality through profound interviews with some of today’s favorite celebrities and inspirational figures—including Taraji P. Henson, Iyanla Vanzant, T.I. and more. 

DREAM.Vision.Reality BOOK
The DVR Guide

The D.V.R. Guide is the blueprint to help you give life to your dreams. Discover how to channel the power of faith, creative visualization, positive energy, imagination and affirmations to transform your dreams to vision and then reality. With extreme belief, ambition, and patience, the life of your dreams will prosper beyond your wildest imaginations. The D.V.R. Guide functions the same as your home DVR. You program the DVR to record what you want to watch, allow the DVR to capture it, and come back later to enjoy! This guide shows you how to take the same approach with your life! So turn off the television, and get ready to fulfill the starring role in your very own dream come true.

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